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Residential Roofing

Your roof has the important job of covering and protecting your home from environmental factors. Shingles are layered on top of your roof to make it durable and aesthetically pleasing.

CN Roofers offer shingle roofing installation in Toronto and across the GTA to ensure that your roof is protected, long-lasting, and matches your home’s aesthetic.

Our roofing contractors are well versed in shingle installation and offer a variety of shingles for you to choose from. When you hire us, you can rest easy knowing that we only use high-quality material from reputable brands.

We will help you protect your roof so that it can keep doing its job season after season, year after year.

Commercial Roofing

Flat roofs provide businesses with a sleek and industrial aesthetic, are resistant to environmental factors, and maximize interior space for efficient daily operations.

CN Roofers is a commercial flat roofing company that’s prepared to take your business’s exterior to the next level. We understand that when you own a commercial property, whether that be a warehouse in an industrial building or a retail space, the quality of your roof is extremely important.

We offer professional roof repair, installation and more for commercial buildings in the GTA to ensure optimal protection, durability and workplace productivity.

Gutter Cleaning and Repair

The fall months in GTA area are very challenging for gutters. Even if they have been properly maintained during the summer, odds are your gutters are likely to be crammed with considerable amounts of debris as well as leaves, especially if you have tall trees on your property. At CN Roofing inc., we make sure your gutters are in immaculate condition.

Eave Guard

Eave Guards are an effective way to deflect debris and leaves from your eavestrough, keeping them clean and free of clogs. We carry varieties of heavy duty aluminum Eave Guards

Seamless Eavestrough

All eavestroughs come in many different colours that you can choose to match your existing house. We carry 5" or 6" eavestrough made of aluminum that never rust.

Vinyl & Aluminum Siding

Whether you are looking to enhance the look of your house or repair a damage to your existing siding, we carry wide selections of products from well known suppliers such as Kaycan and more...

Soffit & Fascia

Whether it's a custom built house or a dilapidated 100 year house, vinyl or aluminum, our reliable installers will repair or install new soffit/fascia to improve your house. In some cases, simply a repair will do if the soffit/fascia is damaged from raccoon or a gust of wind.

Chimney Repair

This is where we come in – many chimneys need tuckpointing or other masonry repairs over the years since it is a free standing structure which is directly exposed to the elements from all sides.

Minor chimney repairs typically needed would be things such as tuckpointing the deep mortar joints and holes, replacing clay flue tiles, or re-cementing the chimney crown to protect from rain and melting snow. If the bricks are chipped, you might also need brick restoration.

If you have an older house, the chimney may be too far gone to be repaired and thus may need to be re-built. This will be apparent if your chimney is leaning or showing signs of major brick deterioration and/or large voids between the bricks.

We do our best to find bricks that match your original ones – including antiques. We colour match the mortar and also finish the top of your chimney to replicate the period design.


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